Minyen Hsieh


While during his high school, he listened to many jazz records, which makes him fall in love with saxophone. After high school, he start to study with local jazz musicians saxophonist Shuen-Wen Tung and violinist Chi-Pin Hsieh. He starts to perform as professional musician around Taipei city, since he was 19.

In 2004 he had a trip around U.S.. During this period he had opportunity to attend to many Jazz concerts and master classes such as Clay Jenkins, Maria Schneider, Jimmy Cobb Jimmy Heath, Jim Hall, Horace Silver and Gerald Wilson.

He came to Brussels at the autumn of 2005, attending to Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel to have his farther study. At there he studied with John Ruocco, Jeroen Van Herzeele and many famous teachers from the conservatory, also participated many master classes such as Mark Turner, Gary Foster, Kris Defoort, Stephane Galland, Mike Maineiri, Dave Liebman, Aaron Parkers In the summer of 2010, He received the Master Degree of Jazz Saxophone. during the school years, he was very actively to participate many different music projects outside of school, including "Salsablonsera", "J.V.M. Group","À Flor da Pele", "MYH Group", "Marie Séférian Quintet", "Interstellar Odyssey", "Causal Encounter", "Tristano Project","The Nine". The music style various wildly from traditional swing to modern jazz, fusion, latin and free improvisation. He got many chances to perform in many famous venues or festival in Belgium for example like Sounds, Music Village, Hopper, Flagey, Beursschouwburg, Jazz Station, Brussels Jazz Marathon, just to name a few.

-In 2006 he was invited to give a concert as the representation of Asian students for KCB at Atomium Brussels.

-In 2007 he was invited to perform at "Taiwan Night" by Taipei Representative Office in Belgium.

-He also gave some concerts with a Jazz-Taiwan concept project during the Taiwan Food Festival in Dec/2010 of Brussels.

-In the early 2011 He also got the invitation as in the group which content the musicians from Taiwan, France Belgium and Burkina Faso, they gives artistic residence in local music school and series of concerts in Ouagaduoguo by the Taiwanese Embassy of Burkina Faso.

-Since 2009 he has regularly working with Soundpainting Collective in Belgium (http://www.soundpainting.be/). participated in many concerts and workshops in the production and performance.

-He was teaching assistant of the Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy from 2006 till 2008.

-In April of 2011 he participated a project in Youth Jazz Orchestra conducted by Bob Mintzer, and had several concerts in Belgium.

-In May of 2011 he received a interview by the jazz journalist Jempi Samyn, shared some experience about study music & life in Europe. This interview has been broadcast on a radio program "Jazz Station"rom FM Brussel, along with some of his music works.

After he came back to Taiwan at July 2011, He starts playing with many group such as "Brussel Van Taipeh","Trio J.T.","Minyen Hsieh Quartet"、"Black Seffron Quartet"、"Caught In"..e.t.c. Some special events such as "Taichung Jazz Festival 2011~13". "Kiss the Dreamer" . "Taipei Poetry Festival 2011". "Taiwan Jazz & World Music Composers Summit 2011". "Nonaka Eiji Trio" from Japan/ "Ignasi Terraza" From Spain."Lan Tung" from Canada.

2012-- "Sebastiaan Kaptein" From Holland. "Becoming-Chimera" Improvised Interdisciplinary Experiments. Japanese free jazz legendary drummer "Sabu Toyosumi" Taiwan tour. "Terry and Mike's Duo Project", tour in Hong Kong. "Kiss the Dreamer" tour in Europe. "Music & Manucinema & Visual Arts" with Cellist "Lin Hui-Chun" . "Walk With Me and Our Waning Love". "Biora Kim Quintet" tour in Taiwan". "Java Five(Germany) with NTCH Big Band".

2013- "Hugues Vincent(Frence)" series concerts Feb/Nov. "Carlos Zingaro(Portugal) & Motoki Yoshinori(Japan)",."Tseng Tseng-Yi" Symbiosis Trio CD Release Tour. "Off-Peak Time" . "Minyen Hsieh Quartet" Live at Macau. "Irene Atman& Paul Keller", Autumn Feastival. "Nicola Lancerotti's Far East Trip". And many others.

He participated many recording sessions for movie, jazz/ pop/experimental music. Besides that he regularly gives lectures, workshops and private lessons. His first solo album will be release on May 2014.

Also, he is the winner of 2012 Taichung Saxophone Competition, and the endorser of Forestone Saxophone(Japan).








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